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"Market in China" is a platform that offers values to overseas technology companies to find markets and businesses in China that are huge and untapped. It aims to facilitate technology collaboration through the engagement of experts, with PRC enterprises that have clear needs to transform.
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Demand Side Recommended

  • Company 1

    Industry:Manufacturing of Electronic Devices

    Profiles:A world leading company in contract manufacturing services. Key products include handsets and wireless communication devices. It also provides product design services on mobile phones and accessories as well as supports on various other portable and electronic device design activities.

    Year in Business:Over 30 years

    Size (Sales/Revenue per year):USD 200 billion

    Areas of Co-operation:Product design, Advance Production Technology, Advanced Material

  • Company 2

    Industry:Manufacturing of Automotive Electronic products

    Profiles:a large-scale manufacturing and research base company dealing in automotive electronics for navigation, air controllers, display system, power management system products etc.

    Year in Business:Over 20 years

    Size (Sales/Revenue per year):USD 2 billion

    Areas of Co-operation:Advanced Automotive Electronics, Navigation technology, IC design, etc.

  • Company 3

    Industry:Manufacturing of Steel and Steel related products

    Profiles:A leading industrial enterprises in China. Its main products comprise of seamless tubes and construction steel bars, steel strips, steel pipes and gases, non-ferrous products of copper aluminum and zinc

    Year in Business:Over 50 years

    Size (Sales/Revenue per year):USD 6 billion

    Areas of Co-operation:Carbon Fiber, Metal Processing, Lithium Battery Materials, 3D Printing and other advanced technologies

  • Company 4

    Industry:Clean Tech, Energy & Environmental Services

    Profiles:A World-class science and technology service-oriented industry group. Specializes in whole industry chain of energy conservation, energy saving integrated services, environmental protection, resource recycling, clean energy development and utilization, etc.

    Year in Business:Over 20 years

    Size (Sales/Revenue per year):USD 1 billion

    Areas of Co-operation:Green Building, Water Technologies, Soil Remediation, Air Purification, Energy conservation

  • Company 5

    Industry:Manufacturing of Variable Frequency Drive

    Profiles:Being one of the leading companies in industry automation, it specializes in manufacturing Variable Frequency Drivers for industrial used. Its broad range of products is widely used in various industries like petrochemical, power generation plant, marine project.

    Year in Business:Over 10 years

    Size (Sales/Revenue per year):USD100 million

    Areas of Co-operation:Advanced Technologies, Green Energy

  • Company 6

    Industry:Manufacturing of cryogenic and vacuum equipment

    Profiles:The company has developed successfully the high-efficiency and energy-saving closed cooling towers, evaporative condensers, tube & shell heat exchangers, air coolers and desulfurization & dedusting equipment ,used in various industries of petroleum, chemical, machinery, nuclear, metallurgy, food and beverage, automobile and scientific research

    Year in Business:Over 40 years

    Size (Sales/Revenue per year):USD100 million

    Areas of Co-operation:To improve the production capability and level of the pressure vessel and cryogenic and vacuum equipment, consolidating the existing products and markets.

  • Company 7

    Industry:Distributor of B14Healthcare products.

    Profiles:A leader in Chinese healthcare market with a comprehensive list of healthcare products, including protein, vitamins, minerals, natural plant and animal extracts, and other functional dietary supplements. There are over 30,000 sales outlets and 600 nutrition centers in large and middle-sized cities in China.

    Year in Business:Over 20 years

    Size (Sales/Revenue per year):USD 200 million

    Areas of Co-operation:Joint development of new projects and materials.

  • Company 8

    Industry:R&D, Manufacture, distribution and technical service of pesticides and fertilisers

    Profiles: the largest pesticide formulator & distributor and among the top 10 agrochemical companies in China.

    Year in Business:15 years

    Size (Sales/Revenue per year):USD300 million

    Areas of Co-operation:looking for innovative products in the agrochem industry to distribute in the Chinese market.

  • Company 9

    Industry:Steel maker

    Profiles:One of the top steel makers in China. Its products are exported to more than forty countries and regions for extensive application in industries such as automobile, household appliances, petrochemical, manufacture of machinery, energy, transportation, metalwork, aeronautics and astronautics, nuclear power and electronic instruments.

    Year in Business:35 year

    Size (Sales/Revenue per year):A total profit of RMB 10 billion

    Areas of Co-operation:Waste recycling,Soil Remediation, Air Purification,New materials,New energy.

Supply Side Promotion

MIC IDCountryIndustryProfileCo_operation
118216 New Material The company specializes and has patent in cathode material for More… Technology Licensing/Sales
118217 New Material This company specialises in proven material, innovative biomass-based soil stabilization More… Business Alliance
118218 Renewable Energy A company specialises in alternative energy, it focuses on producing More… Project and Joint Venture
118219 New Material The company provides exterior wall building material with proven formulae More… Project and Joint Venture
118220 Nanotechnology Nano Imprint Lithography (NIL) is an efficient and low-cost method More… Distribution Channel
118221 Precision Engineering The company designs, conceives and develops seal technology, namely “Ultimate More… Business Alliance and Project Development
118407 Precision Engineering The company specializes in manufacturing energy efficient industrial motor (up More… Technology Licensing/Sales
118408 ICT Worldwide live streaming from surveillance cameras on the cloud. It More… Business Alliance
118409 Energy Saving LED The company is formed to specialize in the design and More… Business Alliance/Joint Development

Technology Support from HONG KONG

We are promoting collaboration with the HKSAR research institutes in Hong Kong on the following:

    • (1) Where there are ready-to-go projects, technology companies will benefit from
    • • Contract research
    • • Collaborative research and strategic partnership
    • (2) Where there are early-stage innovative ideas and products to be tested, technology companies can participate in, respectively:
    • • Seed projects
    • • Prototype projects (Trial schemes)
    • (3) While proper planning of resources is required by technology companies for effective development, expert advice will often be necessary. For this, they need
    • • Services by contract

Marketing Partners

CEINET is offering MarketinChina subscribers industry reports on China strategic emerging sectors with full coverage on regulation, market potential, competitive landscape, and important players. 
China Chamber of International Commerce Guangdong Chamber of Commerce is the Guangdong operation of CCPIT with the largest coverage of businesses and organizations in southern China. It will provide support on both demand and supply sides in terms of technology, talent and investment opportunities.

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