MarC Service Scope

1. We discuss your technology and product needs and articulate the scope to get the most relevant results possible. We draw on input from experts of our partners in Hong Kong or overseas whenever necessary.
2. We market your technology and product needs through our worldwide network including a database of more than 15,000 companies, and offer outbound marketing programs to gain high level contacts and exposure to the right technology targets for you.
3. We provide you with free access to our complete database of technology companies in the world to help you with education and planning around the clock.
4. We filter responses, gather in-depth information, and introduce the suppliers to you.
5. We assist you with other needs such as investment, financing and business development on opportunistic basis*

*7 Strategic Emerging Industries:
  - renewable energy
  - environmental protection
  - biomedical
  - new generation of information technology and communication
  - advanced industrial automation
  - electric vehicle
  - new material